When I found out my wife and I were pregnant with our first son I got way excited.

But excitement turned to stress as I thought about the costs associated with having a baby.

Like most young parents we didn’t plan very well for the costs of bringing a tiny new human into our home and our lives.

I started looking for a way to cover the costs of a new baby.

My wife and I had been living quite frugally. We both worked salaried jobs and we rented a tiny duplex that didn’t have a living room. It was a 3 bed/1 bath but we made it a 2 bed/1 bath with a slightly elongated kitchen. I still remember the smell of smoke in the bedroom from the previous tenant.

Soon after finding out the big news we thought about buying a house. “Let’s bring our child into the world in a house we own” but that soon got shot down when I realized we didn’t have enough savings for a down payment.

Next idea was move into a larger (cleaner) rental. So we did. But doubling our rent each month wasn’t gonna be easy.

My Entrepreneurial spirit.

I have always been eager to own a business. From the first time I sold a pencil to my 2nd grade friend up to the business classes I took to fill my schedule in college to the countless ‘how to start a business’ podcasts I listened to on my commute to work I was always thinking about business.

The baby + my wife starting to prepare for being a mom + my business mind = start an online business.

I couldn’t quit my job as an accountant because it was good money and not very stressful. My wife decided to quit her job so we were gonna be increasing expenses and reducing income (by almost a half – yeah she made about the same as me no shame.)

The Start of a Journey.

After that I started reading, listening, buying courses on everything I could find related to starting an online business. I knew that the capital was gonna be a decent computer (already had) and some sweat equity (more like late night screen reading eye stress equity). But I was determined.

I followed a course that told me to do keyword research, find a domain that matched the keyword, get hosting, build a wordpress blog, add content related to the keyword, add adsense and boom millionaire.


That first site made a total of $3 I think.

The micro niche site was dying, time to try something else.

The next 3 years were filled with late nights and dozens of wordpress sites. Never made any money but tasted success on the tip of my tongue. My writing improved, my technical wordpress skills improved, and my marketing ability skyrocketed.

The Wrong Timing

Yeah you heard me right. 3 years no extra money. After all the excitement I had delivered to my wife about how we were gonna be internet rich, nada. So she gave up, said I had an internet addiction and went on raising our son. By this time we had another one in the oven. Turned out to be another boy as well.

2 boys-less time-no money

This story is starting to sound super depressing but It does get better I promise.

I finally decided to start putting in some money. I built out a few good sites with good writers. I found the amazon affiliates program and started making money. Not a ton but enough to pay the writer and take my wife out to a much needed dinner once a month.

Then it started getting big

I made the mistake of quitting my job. I can’t remember exactly why but against the advice of everyone I knew I quit my job. I had enough saved for about 3 months + a little to invest and about $1000 per month coming in from my sites. Not too bad I thought.

I invested the money in an FBA brand and started building an amazon affiliate site around it. It worked.

I started making good money.

I added a few consulting services to my portfolio and started buying established sites.

I did it.

Now I make about as much as I did when I was working as an accountant but I work less hours. I’m at home with the kids. I am happy.